22 Gorgeous Brown and Gray Living Room Designs

When you think of brown and gray, you’ll probably think they look boring. Well, many think that these are two boring colors. And when you combine it, it looks even more boring. But I think that’s not the case, because it only depends on how you do it. When it is used for the interior, it looks even better, as long as the layout is good and the style of decoration is also perfect. Well, you do not have to stick to the colors. It never hurts to set accents.

For this reason, today we show you a list of living spaces with brown and gray colors. Well, sure, that will make you change your mind about these colors because they actually look pretty together. If you’re a fan of brown and gray, but feel that your home is not looking good, this is the list you need. In the end you will certainly be asked to use the color. The following living room designs are a good source of inspiration for you. Take a look at what we have put together for you:

brown gray living room

1. Denver Home Remodel

Denver Home Remodel

Earthwood Custom Remodeling, Inc.

Beautiful or? It’s nice to see shades of gray and brown together here, adding to the warmth of the room. Aside from that, you may also find that other textures are used here as well.

2nd Suburban DC – Cahill residence

Suburban DC - Cahill residence

CM Glover

A simple living room with a nice yellow cloth that brings more life to the living room. Notice how it combines colors with the furniture.

3. Tribeca Triplex

Tribeca triplex

Tara Seawright Interior Design

This living space provides a more intimate feel with custom wall colors in rich tones, textured wallpaper and added warmth and personality through patterns, textures, art and antiques. Apart from the brown sofa and the gray love chairs I like the black and white accents here.

4. Royal Oak – Great room

Royal Oak - Great room

Caroline Harrison Designs Inc

A comfortable and cozy living room with brown leather armchairs, a shaggy rug, a waterfall glass table, a stone-clad fireplace and a large gray cut.

5. Penthouse on the riverbank

Penthouse on the riverbank

Foster Lomas

So contemporary in style! I like how different shapes are used here, from the pillows to the wall decoration. Everything just looks good, although it was more gray than brown.

6. Transition West Hollywood Condo Makeover

Transitional West Hollywood condominium makeover

Suzie Parkinson SÜZA DESIGN

In this case, a gray and a brown sofa face each other. Of course it does not look boring. You can see that it also has a tall bookshelf that also serves as a decoration for the room.

7. Classic Cottage

Classic cottage

Jules Duffy Designs

It looks like a refreshing living room to me, especially because they have fresh flowers and plants. I can also feel a tropical feeling here.

8. Austrian private residence

    Austrian private residence

Bravo interior design

This living room may seem a bit dark, but that’s because of the dim lighting. You can see that it has a brown sofa and two gray stools. In the middle sits a glass coffee table.

9. Candice Olson Design

Candice Olson Design

Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Designer

This living room is a madness with Asian flair. I like how it’s arranged and how it faces the outdoors, which makes it more refreshing.

10. The Illoura

The Illoura

Highbury Homes

Of course I love this rug! Everything Chevron is indeed beautiful! I can say that this is one of the living areas in the list that I like the most.

11. The Sierra Showhome (Calgary, Alberta)

The Sierra Showhome (Calgary, Alberta)

Morrison Homes

This one has a complicated carpet design and cushions with an artistic gray print sitting on a brown leather sofa. All in all, it looks really good with an open plan.

12. Betsy Burnham

Betsy Burnham

Burnham design

You can see many gray colors here, but it is nice that a brown cloth was brought into the room. There are also two orange wall decorations that give the area a touch of color.

13th 1st Avenue Contemporary

1st Avenue Contemporary

Kurt Johnson Photography

Brown and gray look even more beautiful when white comes in between! Is not that a nice living room?

14th Harbor Morning, Sarasota Florida

Harbor Morning, Sarasota Florida

Studio G Home

Although this model looks classic, it still has a strong visual appeal because it uses textures for the columns.

15th Four Seasons residence

Four Seasons residence

R designs by Jane Reece

If the previous one looks classic, it has a luxurious look as it uses black glass for the table and different materials for the chairs.

16. Luxury Loft Apartment Living Room

Luxury Loft Apartment Living Room

Oliver Burns

If you’re the type who does not like exaggerating things, then this is for you. Gray was used in most areas, but a brown accent chair was added.

17th West Village residence

West Village residence

Mr Call Designs

Love the simplicity of this living area, where you can see a wooden chair, a gray sofa and a round white table. Also note that there is a wall art that gives the area more appeal.

18. Greater Seattle Area | The Parthenon living room

Greater Seattle Area | The Parthenon living room

JayMarc Homes

A stunning living room with two brown chairs that look good with the gray colors. It’s a good idea to have a wide window on the side.

19. By the pool in Palm Springs

Poolside in Palm Springs


This is also a great example of the use of brown and gray. I really like the design of the fireplace, with stones in the upper area, white and below. And of course, the design of the area carpet is really stunning!

20. Turner Residence Baltimore MD

Turner Residence Baltimore MD

Turner Design Firm

I like the warm feeling in this living room due to the plants and other decors. This wall looks good, even when it’s dark.

21. Russian skyscraper

Russian hill high-rise

Zack | de Vito architecture + construction

A high-rise penthouse is blessed with this beautiful living area with silver-gray furniture and lots of wooden elements that give the brown color.

22. Hykes residence

Hykes residence

Anders Lasater Architects

A gray interior with a light and airy look! Certainly you can notice the brown leather armchair, which gives the area texture and color.

Who would think that the combination of brown and gray is really nice? As you can see, there are so many ways to do this. Of course, other colors can be added as well. It will still look stunning at the end, as long as you have the right layout and have everything well arranged in the living room. Also make sure your decors and accessories fit together well. Can you tell me which of the above-mentioned brown and gray living rooms suits you best? Would you consider this color combination for your home?


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