20 Freestanding Posts in the Living Room

Poles and pillars have been used since the beginning of the construction. If you’re actually looking for those terms, you can see how great designs were available a few centuries ago. In today’s modern designs – even in traditionally designed houses, columns and posts can be added to your spaces as functional elements or just as decorative elements.

Today we would share a few rooms with freestanding pillars or pillars. Some of them, I think you would like, while others may find you uninteresting. But look how they helped make the rooms incredible and tell me you wish you had a home! Take a look at the living rooms below and tell us what you think!

1st Trump Hollywood Apartment

Trump Hollywood

Regina Claudia Galletti

Well, the beginning of this living room is a real treat! We see how luxurious this room is and how fascinating everything is here. Due to the breathtaking view of the sea, the fantastic furniture and the large pillar, this living room is in my opinion an inspiration for your next design project.

2. Green Soho loft

Green Soho

Grade New York

This large Soho loft may be one of the finest examples of living rooms we have on this list. The colors are simple but classic, and the pieces of furniture are something I would really recommend to people once they have chosen pieces for their home.

3. King West Condo

Carey Mudford

Carey Mudford interior design

Here is another living space with these big pillars. Structurally, such columns are quite large, since it is a high-rise. What’s nice is that these columns have a stunning finish to serve as the architectural masterpiece of this apartment.

4. 56 Leonard Residence

56 Leonard

Grade New York

The classic color used in this living room is very charming. To be honest, everything here is so expensive and fascinating that it could be a great opportunity to observe and even explore it. Of course, I wish you would get a nicer chandelier.

5. Hillside Residence

Residence Han

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

A beautiful hillside house is presented to us by the Smith and Vansant Architectural Group. The color combination here is really cozy and traditional, but you know that everything here was chosen with care and comfort was really one of the designers’ priorities.

6. Hudson Loft

Schappacher white

Schappacher White Architecture D.P.C.

What do you think of the color combination of this beautiful living room that you see in this picture? If you agree that the beauty of a house depends on the details that it has, you know that this house has it and it’s just really interesting and neat!

7. Indigo Lane House

Indigo Lane

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

What do you think about this wonderful house? When I saw the façade of this house, I was totally amused and of course quite interested. The details of the outside as well as the interiors are really nice and chic.

8. LaVista Park renovation

LaVista Park

Niki Papadopoulos

This pure white room is fun and looks luxurious! The addition of different colored furniture and decorations and even curtains made this white room prettier and a lot more noble! The wooden furniture used here are my favorite!

9. Oakley Ranch

river bend

Phillips Development

Wood, which was used as the main material for this house, as well as black balustrades and columns made this place really beautiful and seductive. The look and feel of the old world this place has is just something you can get used to – something to look forward to every night after school.

10. Spice stock

Spice Warehouse1

Marie Burgos design

This particular home may be one of my favorite places since I started collecting photos for lists like these. The color combination looks really good and the furniture and decorations they have are quite relevant nowadays. If you notice, the columns here might possibly be the original ones that this warehouse might have had since its construction.

11. TriBeCa Loft

TriBeCa Loft

architecture office

This Tribeca loft has a few pillars – pretty great stuff – the fact that they’ve combined wood and steel has made a big difference. I like the color choices you made with the columns, right?

12. Vacation Lane

Vacation Lane

tradition homes

This is one of those living spaces that has the same effect and design as some of the areas on this list where doors or openings are the areas where they actually placed the columns or posts. Sometimes, however, the rooms look cool with them, sometimes it looks like they are misplaced or something.

13. Warren Residence

Warren residence

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

Okay, I think this opening would still have been pretty without the columns, but they still placed them. I would like to think that these pillars are in there because they have to and not because they just want them to be there. The use of white as a color is also a good choice.

14. Westport Island House

Westport Island

Shelter Interiors LLC

The beautiful detail on the pillars of this room is really interesting. The white color definitely compensates for the fact that this house is basically a beach house that is disguised as an island house. The furniture in this living room is also something we should praise the designers for, because they look comfortable and also pretty chic!

15. Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage15

Village Architects AIA, Inc.

The color of the columns in this room is very interesting. The gray effect of this room is generally actually appealing; Mixing with blue, however, made it more interesting for me. Beach houses like this are really chic!

16. Classic colonial coastal renovation

Coastal Colon

Michael Robert Construction

The posts in the middle of the room look like they might be structural features that this room actually needs. They made it look really pretty, even if it’s easy; Even if it looks simple, you know that they give this room a certain appearance that would not be complete without it.

17. Davis Residence

Davis residence

Wylie architectural design interior design

I can not pinpoint the design of this house – it’s like a touch of beach house with a touch of modernity. After all, what you can see on the furniture – they are quite modern, and the wooden floors, the ceiling, and the small skylights that they have over the windows and over the jambs make you feel really close to the beach ,

18. 87 Leonard Model

87 Leonard

Grade New York

The black posts in this loft look really cool and vintage. The fact that this may be made of steel in black makes the overall industrial feel of this room rather intriguing. Look at the materials, furniture and decorations this room offers, and I think you would be amused too.

19. Sky @ MidCity lofts

MidCity Lofts

Niki Papadopoulos | Tasty tasty

When I saw this living room, I thought we could really do so much with it – the area is really big and looks really fancy. If you ask me, I think this is one of those houses that is quite large and where very few people live. Absolutely no bad thing, but I think this room could definitely make a big family really happy.

20. Brooklyn Apartment

Brooklyn apartment

Maletz design

The last image in this list is a mid-century simple living room that shows us a large room, but with minimal seating, but an incredibly sexy atmosphere. The colors used here are simple and even plain, but it looks really neat and noble. The atmosphere that this room has, we can always strive for in our own four walls. Notice the posts but? Pretty intense, right?

If you have seen the article that my colleague about the Skyhouse: A unique home with climbing columns and metal slidesI think you know that the habitats in this list are really nothing like them, but I think it’s a great start to achieving something really beautiful. This list may not be what you can do right now, but trust me when I tell you that you can have decorative lists, if you really want to.


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